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TBADK can Help you Succeed in your International Venture

       Mark Beatty is fluent in Vietnamese, has experience doing business in Vietnam, and travels there regularly. He has initial contacts with a variety of Vietnamese attorneys, business and governmental leaders and can develop these to meet your needs.

Specific Areas in which He can help you:

  • Consultation about the legal, business, tax and cultural environment in doing business in Vietnam.
  • Help in choosing and setting up the proper business entity to accomplish your goals. 
  • Develop the banking, facilities and employee base to support your business.


A Complete Analysis of your Business with an International Scope

TBADK's central product is our Business, Legal and Tax Analysis Package

  • We can offer the same comprehensive analysis for an international business venture that we provide for Hawaiian companies.
  • We offer small businesses an evaluation of the major areas of your business's value chain,  analysis on over 100 points of law, and consideration of various tax reduction strategies.
  • We go beyond just listing these suggestions, we give practical ideas on how to implement them--all in the context of an attorney-client confidential relationship.
  •  The legal analysis will partially be done from the perspective of a personal injury attorney seeking destroy a business that has done negligent or reckless deeds. This means that each weakness exposed and corrected equals one possible lawsuit avoided.

Why Combine the Perspective of  Law, Business, and Tax Preparation?

  •  If you hired a business consultant only, he/she might miss preventive legal issues that could cost you your business in a law suit or cost you your reputation in the community because you harmed someone.
  •  If you hired only a lawyer you might end up with a bunch of fancy documents, a large bill, and no recognizable progress toward business practices that actually make you money.
  •  If you hired only a tax consultant, you might have some ideas about how to structure your business to get the most deductions but deductions are of little use if the business is not profitable.
  •  If you are a small business with limited resources, how would you pay for three experts, and what if the three experts contradicted each other?


Su Phuc Vu cho Nguoi Viet Nam 

     TBADK cung lam viec cho nguoi can mot Luat Su biet noi tieng Viet. Xin viet email hay la goi dien thoai de tim hieu nhieu hon. 

Disclaimer about "Legal Advice" in this Website:

Legal advice involves applying legal principles to a client's situation. This website contains only legal principles. Deciding which principles to apply and applying them correctly constitutes legal advice.  We need to analyze your situation before any of these legal principles can be considered legal advice. 

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